Window dressing: Once again CM demonstrates political acumen to avert crisis, farmers issues settled for now


By demonstrating her political acumen and maneuvering skills, once again the lady Chief Minister of Rajasthan succeeds in getting sorted out the agitating farmers loan waiver issue, at least for the time being. Working smartly on the agreement draft between the state government and farmers’ leaders, she buys at least a month’s time to carefully “study and analyze” the multiple pros and cons of an ongoing sensitive loan waiver issue, which may bring an additional financial burden of Rs30000 crore on the state exchequer, which is already in a bad health. But at the same time the Chief Minister sounds to be quite serious on this issue.

In the first go, the state government has agreed to set up a multi-member panel to suggest the ways and means to waive off or exempt loans up to Rs50,000. The panel, before submitting its report in a month’s time, will visit to the states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Kerala . Interestingly, Kerala, which is the national capital of CPM, itself doesn’t have any loan waiver scheme. CPM, led by Comrade Amra Ram, is leading the agitation, but interestingly, there is not even a single MLA from the same party in the present Assembly.

According to a highly reliable input, the government may not be in a position to bear an extra burden of Rs30000 crore, but still it will have to provide a few hundred crores in its revised plan to pacify the issue, especially at a time, when the state is going to polls in the next year. In fact, some people feel that Raje’s assurance may turn to be a “window dressing” only, but a section of BJP leaders feels that just to maintain her credibility among the farmers, the Chief Minister will certainly come out with some acceptable package. Therefore, the hopeful farmers will certainly wait for a reasonable period and only thereafter they will bring the entire issue to a logical conclusion.

The sequence of events in the last four years only proves that Raje happens to be a lucky person, who gets her own way every time, may be Jat agitation or Gurjar agitation, after initial disturbances, she finally comes out to a consensus or solution, which is acceptable to all. Now, on the same pattern, she appears to have sorted out this tricky agitation also.

However, her close confident and the state BJP Chief Ashok Parnami and one of his religious “mentors” (who is a media shy, doesn’t want to be named at all and only functions as a backroom friendly force) and a meticulous CMO homework, had also helped the Chief Minister to strike a proper bargain with the agitating farmers. One leading Jaipur palmist remarked that “it may be a conspiracy of circumstances that almost every time, when she sorts out one crisis, the next day she plunges into another crisis”. In fact, it is a destiny and you can’t help it.

An another important aspect of this entire issue is that a section of senior BJP leaders (normally termed as dissidents) and a few disgruntled ministers, who were planning to embarrass the Chief Minister in front of the visiting RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat, got disappointed and demoralised with this masterstroke of the Chief Minister, who without spending even a single penny at the moment, bought peace with the farmers and life is limping fast to normalcy in the affected areas of Sikar and Bikaner districts.


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