[WATCH VIDEO] These Two Students Literally Converted The Classroom Into A Dance Floor With Their Kickass Moves


Thanks to Social media. Nowadays various mediums of communicative platforms like Youtube, Facebook and others are assisting in building the careers of many talented people who are struggling for stardom. There are thousands of youngsters who bagged the flags of popularity by simply exhibiting their takes in the respective arts category.


Talent alone is a mandatory tool nowadays for those who are quite well with Social Media. Let it be anything, a musical video, a tutorial, a channel that consists own versions of dances, anything can be presented at its best. One with exceptional talent can earn people’s attention as quickly as possible.

Now, for everyone’s surprise, there’s this dance video of two Indian students converting the classroom into the dance floor. The duo set the podium on fire with their kickass moves. The video first went viral ion 2015, then in 2016 and yet again this year.

dancing in classroom viral video

As of now, no clear details of the video are known, back then when the Internet was bit expensive, the video was uploaded. Both girl and boy are seen dressed in their school dresses. It appears like they are probably preparing for a school event.

Watch the video here:

Watch the video here:

Then again, after it is once again uploaded in 2016, it went viral in the subsequent years. It just goes to show how popular these two school kids, and their dance moves, are. During the performance, their classmates are heard cheering them then on.

This clip garnered over 4.5 million views.

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