This is what Prince George’s friends will call him in school!


Prince George, who started his first day of school last week, is all ready to make new friends at school.

The little royal might be the most famous in school right now, but he would like to be recognised as a regular student. The four-year-old would not like to be known by his official title when a teacher calls out the attendance register or his friends calls out for him in the playground.

Prince George’s official title is His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, and his full name is George Alexander Louis. However, the third-in-line to the thrown would like to be called as ‘George Cambridge’.

British Kings and princes historically take their surnames from their father’s titles. As young William took the name Wales in school in accordance to his father’s title ‘Prince of Wales’. Following the tradition, now little Prince George have taken the name ‘Cambridge’ after his father William, the Duke of Cambridge.


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