The Millennium Falcon Has A Porg Stowaway in New Star Wars Short


An official new Star Wars short shows what happens when a Porg finds its way onto the Millennium Falcon. The newly introduced aliens, a sort of bird-fish hybrid being, have a chance to be breakout characters by their appearance alone when they debut in The Last Jedi in December. Inhabiting the planet Ahch-To, where Rey finds Luke Skywalker living at the end of The Force Awakens, the Porgs will take a liking to the heroes soon after they arrive.

The Last Jedi will find R2-D2 interacting with Porgs, possibly even striking up a friendship. It’s likely that at least one of the quick-moving critters, for one reason or another, will end up stuck in the cockpit of the Falcon and scurry around. One might wonder how the likes of Chewbacca or BB-8 would handle such an adorable incident. In a possible preview of an upcoming scene, a new animated short reveals exactly how it would go down.

You can watch the new short from Star Wars Blips above, via the Star Wars official YouTube channel. An apparently stowed-away Porg darts aimlessly around the cockpit of the Falcon, causing a ruckus and generally annoying Chewy. Eventually BB-8 snatches it with a claw-like apparatus, while the Wookiee just yells at it. Once they finally kick the Falcon into hyperdrive, the Porg is instantly mesmerized.

Chewbacc and a Porg in the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars The Last Jedi The Millennium Falcon Has A Porg Stowaway in New Star Wars Short

Ahch-To will also be inhabited by amphibian-esque Caretakers, who live a nun-like existence. Still, it’s the Porgs who are grabbing most people’s attention. Chewbacca is rumored to develop a particularly close affection for the puffin-like creatures, possibly witnessing the hatching of a nest of babies. In a promo photo aboard the Falcon, Chewy and the Porg look concerned about what’s in front of them.

The simple but stylish animation from Star Wars Blips gives a good idea of how the Porgs will behave, delivering a potential peek at one of the sequel’s more amusing moments without giving too much away. It’s quite possible that you’ll get to see the hyperdrive reflected in its big, round eyes for real. In the cuteness and fun department, Porgs are a sure bet to win a lot of fans.

While they will certainly be cute and fun in a lot of their scenes with Chewy and others, Porgs also do not appear to have a more significant role in The Last Jedi beyond their mere presence at Ahch-To. If they don’t serve any kind of larger purpose, they will swiftly draw accusations of being another marketing ploy, the “new Ewoks”. It remains to be seen whether director Rian Johnson can lend the Porgs any added significance, but they will certainly sell plenty of merchandise and be popular with younger audiences.

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