Ryan murder case: My husband has been framed; accused Ashok Kumar’s wife hints at forced confession


Mamta-Wife of 42-year-old Ashok Kumar, accused in the murder of a student of Ryan International school-has claimed that her husband has been forced to make a confession. “He is innocent and in future, he would just say the truth,” she claimed after meeting her husband Ashok in Bhondsi jail on Thursday. This was her first meeting after Ashok’s arrest but she has continuously been maintaining that her husband is a good man, not capable of committing a heinous crime like killing a child.

Though she has not made a direct allegation against the police, her statements indicate that the confession might have been under duress.

“My husband kept crying after meeting me, told me he has not committed the crime,” Mamta claimed.

“Police officers were standing behind us while we were having the conversation. My husband gestured towards policemen and said he was tortured to make the confession,” Mamta added.

She claimed that the entire family and neighbours stand by her husband Ashok and none of them believe he could commit this crime.

The gardener at the school and the bus driver of the school bus have also alleged that police put pressure on them to admit they were involved in the crime. The gardener Harpal has claimed that Ashok Kumar did not have any blood strain when he first saw him after the crime. Ashok carried Pradhyumn in his arms to the car and then accompanied him to the hospital.

According to police, Ashok Kumar slit Pradhyumn’s throat after a failed attempt to sexually assault the child. Police claim that the accused Ashok then rushed out and returned to the crime scene to help with taking the boy to the hospital.


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