Most-wanted fugitive’s Instagram live video leads police straight to him


Christopher Ricardo Gonzales is captured after social media post gave the game away.

Instagram most wanted fugitive arrest

As a most-wanted fugitive on the run from police, it would probably be wise to stay away from social media. However, a criminal in the US couldn’t resist live live-streaming a video on Instagram, which ultimately led police straight to him.

Christopher Ricardo Gonzales, an 18-year-old murder suspect, who is on a Texas most-wanted list, was tracked and arrested in Los Angeles after a live video he posted showing off an arsenal of guns and weapons.

According to local news outlet ABC7, the broadcast video signal allowed authorities to lock down his GPS coordinates.

Dallas police tipped off the LAPD to the whereabouts of the gang member, who also goes by the name of ‘Little Chris’, leading them to an area in Woodland Hills, California, where Gonzales was found in a vehicle.

The suspect attempted to escape in the black Chevrolet SUV but after a two-mile chase Gonzales crashed the car into a power pole, where he and a second suspect fled on foot. The fugitive was soon found by the LAPD K-9 police dog unit and was taken into custody.

Gonzalez, who is said to be affiliated with the infamous Bloods street gang, was wanted for a number of felonies including murder allegations and several home robberies in Dallas, Texas. A reward of $5,000 was issued for his capture.

Criminals taking to social media is a trend on the increase with the platforms being used as bragging tools, methods to incite rivals or even ways to advertise their ‘services’. An inmate from South Carolina recently baffled prison guards by continually appearing on Facebook Live videos from behind bars. In the live streams he showed viewers around the institution and threatened individuals on the outside.

Instagram was also found to be used by London’s moped gangs to show off their crimes and offer their services to steal motorbikes to people who got in contact with requests.

What not to do: Dallas fugitive uses Instagram live to show off guns, leads police right to him. #WoodlandHills @CBSLA


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