Gujarati Doctor Couple Pledges To Donate $200 Million To US University


Gujarati Doctor Couple Pledges To Donate $200 Million To US University

Ahmedabad: Gujarati doctor couple, settled in Florida, commits to donate $200 million to a private US University. This aims at the creation and promotion of a regional medical and paramedical college, and is also working on building of a state-of-the-art medical college in Gujarat. This donation was made by the philanthropist and cardiologist healthcare entrepreneur Dr Kiran Patel from Zambia and his wife Dr Pallavi (paediatrician) from Ahmedabad. It will allow the Nova Southeastern University (NSU), near Miami to have a new campus in Tampa.

“The donation, which will be released in phases as per deliverables, aims to create a state-of-the-art medical education hub. I have given $30 million towards acquiring 27 acres of land for the medical education complex and will release the remaining $170 million over a period 18 months,” says Dr Patel who currently runs the Tampa-based Freedom Health, a health care insurance company.

He also said he works to realize his dream of setting up a medical school named as ‘Dr Kiran Patel & Dr Pallavi Patel Global University’ in Gujarat very soon

“It will be a hospital and medical education facility focusing on rural India and not urban population,” said Dr Patel, who who is also building a mansion spread over 32,000 sq ft in Hillsborough County in Tampa. My vision is to see American doctors working in my Indian hospital and Indian doctors getting trained in my US medical college. This would be the perfect exchange benefiting thousands of patients, students and doctors,” says Dr Patel.

As per the university, this money will be used for the development of the campus for the NSU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, a new site for Osteopathic Medicine and their existing programmes in Tampa. 


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