Family doctor thrust crotch at woman patient and said: ‘Having lots of sex makes you healthy’


Huddersfield GP offered to have sex with patient – on his surgery desk

A family doctor from Huddersfield unzipped his trousers and offered to have sex with a patient on his surgery desk after she asked him about being on the contraceptive Pill, a medical tribunal heard.

GP Mohammad Ihsan, 35, who had only just got married, put his crotch in the face of the shocked woman and also kissed her on the lips saying: “Having lots of sex makes you healthy, it was claimed.

The unnamed patient was said to have felt “glued to her chair” as Ihsan said: “I am horny, me’” and then proceeded to say how she had “lovely skin” as he held her hands and touched her cheek, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service was told.

The patient eventually fled the room when he asked to look at her bottom and later burst into tears as she told the practice manager about the consultation.

The alleged incident occurred in July 2016 when the woman known as Patient B attended Dr Singh and Partners Health Centre in Pontefract, West Yorks for a review about her contraception. Ihsan has been working as a locum at the surgery since 2015.

Alan Taylor lawyer for the General Medical Council told the Manchester hearing: “She had been to see the doctor previously because she was feeling down and depressed and he asked her about her previous relationship and she remembers crying throughout the consultation and thought his questioning was strange.”

On the 7th of July she had booked an appointment for a pill review and when she arrived for the appointment they both recognised each other. He took her blood pressure and measured her weight and asked her how things were in her life since she last saw him.

“She said things were really good and that she felt better with herself and the doctor said to her: ‘I can tell you are in a good place, you look good.’ He asked her why she wanted to be on the pill if she wasn’t having sex and she told him she wanted it to regulate her periods.

“But following that, he moved his chair towards her and said: ‘I am horny, me.’ He had a smile on his face and was leaning forwards and she made herself clear that she was not. He said he could clear his desk and they could have sex on it there and then.

“Patient B reminded the doctor that he had patients waiting outside to see him, to which he replied: ‘I can lock the door if you want me to.’

“She was shocked at what she was hearing. He then said to her: ‘You do know how to be really healthy – having sex, lots of sex makes you healthy.

“He said that he and his wife were no longer together and that his wife was not giving him sex. He moved his chair towards her and asked her to show him her hands. He held her hands and told her she was beautiful before touching her cheek and kissing her briefly on the lips.

“Patient B said she felt glued to her chair. She tried to change the conversation by saying that she had a rash on her neck but he looked at it and told her it was nothing, commenting that she had ‘lovely skin.’

“Following that, doctor Ihsan said to Patient B: ‘I want to show you something. I want you to see my b*lls.’ He repeated this and kept saying: ‘I really, really want you to see my b*lls,’ and he stood up, unzipped his trousers and put his crotch near her face.

“She jumped up to leave and leaned over to get the prescription on the side but her purse was open, displaying a picture of her daughter. Dr Ihsan saw the photograph and commented saying: ‘She is beautiful, just like her mum.’ He said that if she wanted to meet him they could meet in a bar and he asked her for her number.

“He asked her where she lived, but she did not give an address just that it was ‘up the hill’ and he told her he would come to see her some time. On her way out the doctor asked if he could see her bottom to which she replied ‘no’ and at that point left the room.

“She said that she needed to complain because she would not forgive herself if this happened to someone else and on the 11th of July she spoke to the practice manager. She was very upset and crying while on the phone and she attended the health centre that afternoon and said what had happened.”

The hearing was told Patient B later received a Facebook message from the doctor’s wife claiming she had just learned of what happened and was “absolutely shocked.” The wife said she and Ihsan had just got married and his behaviour had “absolutely killed” her.

In a separate allegation, Ihsan is also accused of talking about another patient’s sex life when the woman known as Patient A she asked him for antibiotics for a chest infection.

Mr Taylor said: “She explained she was getting out of breath quickly and the doctor asked about her family and whether she suffered from anything such as anxiety or stress.

“Then he proceeded to ask her questions about her sex life and whether she was having regular sex to which she replied that she was menopausal and didn’t have much sex but that her husband didn’t mind this. At first, she thought his questions were about whether she was exerting too much energy but his questions became more explicit and irrelevant.

“He asked her if she was sexual and whether or not she had orgasms and he asked how she satisfied her husband sexually and what she would do if he was feeling sexual. He asked Patient A if masturbating her husband was enough for him.

“She felt uncomfortable and tried to steer the conversation back around to her symptoms. She does not know why she answered his questions but she says that because he was a doctor, she trusted him but that no other doctor has asked her things like that before.

“He asked her to come back in two weeks’ time which she thought was unusual and she decided not to make another appointment but to report the matter to the health centre. Patient A’s sexual life had no relevance to the chest problems which she had presented and his questions could not have been anything other than sexually motivated.”

Ihsan admits 11 misconduct charges but denies 21 others.

The hearing continues.


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