Ex-Napoli coach Saccone defends Juventus striker Higuain: Don’t call him lazy!


Former Napoli fitness coach Corrado Saccone has dismissed criticism of Juventus striker Gonzalo Higuain.

Saccone is well aware of the criticism aimed at Higuain this season.

“I think he’s one of the most talented players in the world, he’s a champion,” Saccone, now at Partizan Tirana with Mark Iuliano, told TuttoJuve.

“I’ve seen important players at Napoli and in Italian football, but no-one as talented as him. He has great talent and he knows it, and I can say that he falls back on that too often.

“But, to be clear, the lad is not lazy.

“When you know you’re better than the others, maybe you don’t always work 100 per cent. He’s a champion to be taken for what he is, and he needs an environment where he can make the most of it.

“Higuain, when he’s on the right path, makes the difference in a monstrous way and he already showed that in his first season in Turin by winning a Scudetto.

“It’s not a question about being overweight, it’s more what workloads he’s doing at Juventus – though, obviously, I don’t know what they are.

“It may be that he’s below-par for a moment, but I’m sure in the end the Higuain we all know will be able to play with his extraordinary and unique magic.”


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