Delectable festive treats with a modern twist


Gurugram, Oct 14 (IANS) The much awaited festive season is almost here. Keeping with the spirit of the festivities, a creative workshop here brought a modern twist to the celebrations.

At the festival hosted by Cafe G at Crowne Plaza, Chef Nilesh Dey conducted the workshop on how to bake and decorate Diwali-inspired novelty cupcakes.

“Diwali is the time for indulgence and people are always looking to try something different, to add to the festive cheer. ‘Diwali themed fusion cupcakes’ are a great option to go beyond traditional sweets, while staying true to the flavours that are essential to Diwali,” he said during the festival.

“These are easy to prepare, makes for a great gifting option and are guaranteed to impress at get-togethers with family and friends,” he said.

Crowne Plaza General Manager Nalin Mandiratta further said that to bring an innovative twist to the festive treats, “our expert chefs infused traditional flavours into cupcakes and created an interesting fusion option of Diwali sweets”.




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