“Big Brother 19” Crowns A Winner!


We have been patient all summer long hoping to see what might transpire in the “Big Brother 19” house that could bring a massive shock to viewers changing the course of the game. After 92 days, not much changed America. Our final three consisted of ‘The Misfits,’ yes that was the only alliance named the entire season. That is so crazy because we’ve always seen tons of alliances in previous seasons.

Paul, the veteran who should have won BB18 lost because of his bad jury management, but has since learned where he made mistakes and dominated the BB19 house. Along the way he dragged what he perceived to be proverbial GOATS in Christmas, the girl who broke her leg week one and should have been booted from the game, and Josh, the meatball, who some considered the most annoying houseguest ever!

However, what Paul failed to realize is that he had plenty of minions all season long, but Josh is the one blind spot he never saw coming. Josh had been talking about taking a shot at Paul since the final seven, but held off on making any moves. He debated and talked to the live feeders about possibly taking Paul, yet informing Christmas that he had plans to take her to final two if he won the final HOH. That first HOH was laughable: I mean unicorns farting out gases at the remaining 3. This wasn’t much of an endurance lasting less than an hour people. I mean in earlier seasons of the game the first HOH would last hours, in some cases 7-8 hours (BB8) people.

Now the second HOH was a bit more fun, taking the houseguest back to medieval times, as Christmas and Josh were tasked to follow clues, eliminate houseguests utilizing a crossbow, torpedo or rock. Christmas was doing well, but her biggest issue was knocking down houseguests who should have remained standing. It was indeed frustrating to see Christmas lose composure as she competed, but that’s why it’s imperative you study and memorize. Josh did exceptional well at the challenge and was victorious in round 2 over Xmas by mere minutes.

What? Paul finally acknowledged that he made a major mistake in the decision he made in BB18 by taking Nicole to the end instead of James. Christmas cry me a river; those tears that you are dropping about making it to the end with a broken foot is pathetic. You were dragged because you couldn’t compete it’s that simple. So this is the first time I can recall at seeing the final three actually talk to the live feeders and America about what they are planning to do if they make it to the end. Gotta admit it, I’m a huge Josh fan; the guy absolutely pulls on your heartstrings.

At long last, we get to the juicy part of the finale: the jury roundtable hosted by BB legend Dr. Will Kirby. However, I will admit I am getting a bit of fatigue seeing Will host such an important discussion in the past 5 years. Will united evicted HGs: Cody, Elena, Mark, Matt, Jason, Raven, Alex and Kevin to discuss the merits of Paul, Christmas and Josh’s potential at winning the game. Man, this was perhaps one of the bitterest BB juries I have witnessed in years of watching this series. Mark took jabs at Matt and Raven, as emotions ran quite high. Raven is so delusional, she is no puppet master, yet she thinks so and won’t let it go NO MATTER how much evidence is presented to her showing otherwise. Kevin revealed that he was stunned to be part of the jury, and Alex and Jason wanted Kevin to call Paul out on his deception.

Paul was a mastermind throughout the entire season of “Big Brother 19,” but once again his jury management called him the game by 1 vote.

Raven, Cody, Jason, Elena, Jason and Kevin did not respect Josh’s game, but they argued that Josh did not mind standing out in front taking bullets, while Paul did not. No one could deliver an answer as to why Christmas deserved to win the game, but Jason and Alex did indeed point out Xmas had a strong social game. Now the discussion turned to Paul, and the tension was so strong it was palpable. Cody called out Paul’s safety for 3 weeks, but Will delivered a great counterargument as to the opportunity to take out Paul.

As the discussion continued the frustration about Paul really irked Elena, Kevin, Alex and Jason. Wow, I was extremely shocked by how Paul was perceived. I loved that Dr. Will called Alex out on her lies and deception. There was a question of rather Paul lied too much playing the game. Raven became a major advocate for Paul, but Cody did not seem to buy what was being sold. Dr. Will called the HGs out on being potential sore losers. It was a treat to really see Will call the houseguests out on their inability to really understand how the game of BB is to be played: lie, deceive, backstab, and anything else you can to get to the end.

The final HOH as we all know is a complete crapshoot as Josh and Paul had to predict what jury members said in a bunch of random questions. Paul was off to a great start, but Josh quickly evened the score. Man this is tense, and leaving me on the edge of my seat. Paul or Josh really did not know their houseguests this season. I was ecstatic to see Josh win that final HOH and literally burst into tears! The meatball is no idiot America and Paul seemed stooped for the first time in the entire game. If I wasn’t already on the edge of my seat, I totally am know, cause my guy tells me Josh is about to make a game-changing move.

It’s the moment we have been waiting for: Josh as the final HOH must decide who to take to the final two determining rather he wins $500k or if he wins $50k. Paul pleaded his case to obtain a bit of guilt. Xmas did a terrible job at trying to convince Josh to take her to end over Paul. Ugh, it’s like she just rolled over and died, and I honestly think Josh’s decision is so stupid! You should have taken out the veteran, because his game was on a silver platter for the taking, you may have just cost yourself the game Josh! Xmas’ interview with Julie was horrid; I mean girl you seemed to advocate for Paul over Xmas.

The jury returned to the game and grilled Josh and Paul on why they should earn their vote. The jury was not surprised to see Xmas join them, but they were surprised to learn Josh won HOH and evicted Xmas, ugh, not a good sign BB fans! Great question by Elena about Paul and his bullying tactics, and he failed to acknowledge his role in what he shared with America. Oh, Paul that was not good, and the fact that Josh failed to prove his strategic moves as well is not good if you ask me. OMG, these were some of the worse answers I have seen from two final two ever. Paul you are too arrogant and it is absolutely showing to the jury, and Josh your failure to compose a clear statement is infuriating!

Loved Jason’s question about Paul’s antics to actively lie and deceive, even though it was not apparent and I do believe Josh gave a good response to Mark’s question about his emotional state of mind. Man it was apparent Paul was pissed about those questions the jury had for him. Yeah, neither of them did stellar in providing answers that would make me vote for them. Paul delivered his final statement to the jury by going through a laundry list of his accomplishments. Paul your arrogance is your worst asset; you should have toned things down quite a bit. Josh’s speech was not great, but his ability to show some emotion I do believe helped him to a degree.

As the jury voted, I honestly only had a clue of who Cody, Alex, Matt and Raven voted for. I suspect Cody voted for Paul, and Alex voted for Josh based on her speech, and we know Maven are Paul fans. It was indeed fun to see the pre-jurors return to the game and spill the tea on what happened behind the scenes, and the fact that they were willing to give their game up for Paul. I loved seeing Paul’s reaction to Josh’s goodbye messages showcasing just how dirty Paul really was in the entire game, and it left Paul dumbfounded. Wow, the fact that Paul called Josh a coward because he was onto his game and had a one-up on him, shows just how bitter he is when he is not in control. Seeing the love for Jody was great America!

At long last, Julie Chen revealed the votes from the jury, and things were tense, we could be looking at another 5-4 split like in BB18 America, and it happened! It was a 4-4 split and Cody casted the deciding vote, and it was for JOSH who won the game! Oh my God, I was certain that Paul won, but to see Josh take the win was epic television. Paul for the second consecutive year in a row lost by 1 freaking jury vote, if only he would have owned up to his game, Paul would have won; he still hasn’t learned that empathy matters. I gotta say this is one of the BEST BB surprises ever America, and Julie really poked at Paul and it was present he was a sore loser and not happy with the result.

Another great moment was when Julie revealed who America’s Favorite Houseguest was. The top 3 vote getters were Kevin, Jason and Cody, and as many of us expected Cody pulled out the win and was shocked with the result. Oh, I totally did not love BB19, but this finale totally made up for all the madness that transpired throughout the course. Perhaps one of the most satisfying results where it could have gone to Paul, but not owning your game and being honest cost you $500k again.

Man, I totally can’t wait to see what happens when Celebrity Big Brother is unleashed this winter. Until then BB fanatics!


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