Alleged iMac Pro Benchmarks Are Pretty Impressive


Earlier this year with many wondering about the fate of the Mac Pro and Apple’s commitment to the “pro” user, Apple responded by launching the iMac Pro. This is basically an iMac but with some pretty impressive hardware specs that are aimed towards pro users who might need a powerful computer but in a slimmer package.

So how powerful are we talking about? In a report from MacRumors, it seems that the iMac Pro has recently been spotted on Geekbench packing custom Intel Xeon processors, and based on the results, it seems that Apple’s claim that the iMac Pro will be their most powerful Mac yet could be true. Based on the results, we’re looking at a single-core score of 5,345, and a multi-core score of 35,917.

Note that this particular model is the 10-core iMac Pro model, which means that the 18-core iMac Pro has yet to be benchmarked, and we have to wonder how it will score then. The new iMac Pro from Apple is expected to begin shipping this coming December where it will be priced starting at $4,999.

However a report from earlier this year suggested that if you were to fully spec out the iMac Pro, one could be looking at a whopping price tag of $17,000, yikes!

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