2018 RAM 1500: Drawing Distance More Important Than Performance?


For a growing number of people, performance is not their top priority when purchasing a brand new pickup truck. This cannot be helped as even the worst-rated pickup truck today can still produce a respectable performance.

With performance being secondary, what are the things that these folks look into when purchasing a pickup truck. We actually asked a couple of RAM 1500 owners this question yesterday and their remark is something which we never expected.

The answer is drawing distance. The RAM 1500 happens to have seats that are positioned to give drivers a much further viewing distance. This makes it easier to travel as they can spot any unusual traffic ahead of time.
Furthermore the owners of the latest RAM 1500 shared that they picked the vehicle because it has got the most space to offer when compared to the Ford F-150 and the Chevrolet Silverado.

Perhaps, it’s right to say that the 1500 is loved because of the comfort which it has to offer. If this is enough to give the F-150 and Silverado a fight, then the 1500 can do more if it is able to find the right recipe on the performance front.


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