​West Ham start initiative to raise money for Mexico earthquake


West Ham United will auction their match-day shirts from Saturday’s clash with Tottenham to help raise money for those affected by the Mexico earthquake.

The Hammers will then double the amount raised before handing over the money to West Ham striker Javier Hernandez and his international team-mate Miguel Layun.

The #YoX initiative will help deliver food and supplies to those who have been affected by the disaster that struck Mexico City on Tuesday.

Thousands of people have been left homeless and over 200 have been killed.

“We have all been moved by the news and devastating effects of Tuesday’s earthquake in Mexico,” West Ham co-chairman David Sullivan told the club’s website.

“While disasters like this can seem very far away from us, it is important that we still help where we can.

“Javier has joined forces with Miguel Layun to raise funds to help his fellow countrymen in their time of need, and we hope this auction will be able to raise a significant amount which can go towards their fund.

“Although only a small gesture from the club, we will double any amount raised by the auction, which we hope can make a small difference to the people of Mexico.”

Hernandez said: “Being so far from Mexico and seeing the suffering of our compatriots in the distance has been very painful.

“So, after discussing it, we decided to take the initiative for Mexico and give our people a helping hand.

“We know that many see us as a source of inspiration, but in this case, what has inspired us is to see millions of Mexicans take to the streets and to lend a hand without asking for anything in return.

“We hope, with this initiative, to help those who need it and motivate more people to do it with us.”


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