Woman sees man molesting 2 women, police deny help


A Bhayander-based housewife, Vaidahi More, was in for a rude shock on Friday when she saw a man allegedly molesting and groping two women at Bhayander Railway station. More, along with one of the victims, approached the police, who were present on the platform to raise an alarm. However, the police refused to entertain the complainant.

In a fit of rage, the woman shot a video and is seen threatening the police authorities to take the matter into her own hands and pick up weapons to fight the molester.

More, a housewife, decided to confront the man with the help from other commuters and took the victim to the two police officers at the railway station. The police officers refused to help and asked her to catch hold of the person and bring him to them. More later found that the man had managed to escape after crossing tracks.

“The policemen refused to nab the man and instead told me that we have other work to do. I came forward to fight after seeing the man molest other women. The attitude of police was pathetic and now I have decided that I will take the matter in my own hands and will attack men if they are found molesting women at public places,” an agitated More said.

The housewife soon posted the video on social media and gained a huge response with over 8,000 people viewing it and a few others sharing it too. Purshottam Karad, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Western Zone, Government Railway Police, said, “We have got in touch with the woman and are also checking the CCTV camera footage.”


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