Witness a Tesla Model S Lose Its Rear to Power Tools to Become a Model S Wagon


Since the EV market is still in its infancy, it comes as no surprise that there are no battery-powered station wagons that you can buy off the shelf, so to speak. After all, it’s not the world’s most popular body style, so why should manufacturers be in any hurry to build one when they can make the much more profitable SUVs?
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Dogs. That’s right, the answer is dogs. To be fair, SUVs can acquit themselves pretty well of the task of carrying the canines around, but it would seem that a lower station wagon is better suited for it. Take it from a man who owns a Land Rover Discovery 4 that’s been partially destroyed by the four-pawed creatures.

His name is Phil Hayton and he is the reason the whole idea of a Tesla Model S station wagon first came about. It might have involved a bit of alcohol, but an idea you get while drunk that still sounds good once you’re sober is usually a genius one.

We don’t know whether to go that far on this one, but it certainly will make a few people happy. The project is well underway now, and this clip from Fully Charged definitely shows the “end of 2017” deadline is feasible.

The Tesla – which Phil bought pre-owned probably as insurance in case things went badly – is currently sitting in a shed in Norfolk and, as you’re reading this, it has had its old back removed. How do we know it? Because if you click “play” on the video below, you’ll witness the cutting process yourself (skip to the 12 minute mark for the carnage).

It kind of looks like a mess now, but the sketch and the scale clay model are promising. After the prototype is done (well, technically that would be Phil’s car), production should move to Holland where a limited run of these will be made. The number isn’t cast in stone yet, but they’re oscillating between 20 and 25, so there won’t be a lot of them.


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