When monster trucks come in handy


MONSTER trucks proved useful… for once, during the aftermath of the flood that devastated Houston, Texas.

Standing 10 feet tall, the big boys’ toys were used to pull vehicles out of floodwaters and to help emergency services personnel reach areas their vehicles couldn’t get to, ABC News (American Broadcasting Agency) reported.

In a video posted to Facebook by Houston resident Josh James, the monster trucks can be seen pulling a US Army vehicle out of floodwaters in Copperfield, in northwest Houston.

Mr James told ABC News residents flagged down the trucks to help pull the military vehicle out of the water and to assist people in an apartment complex who needed help.

Monster trucks help pull cars out of floodwaters in Texas. Picture: Jukin Media

Mr James helped coordinate a rescue team of 600 personnel and enlisted the help of his friends at a Dallas-based dirt racetrack, Rednecks with Paychecks to assist.

In the video a crowd can be heard cheering as the truck is pulled out of the water.


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