Volkswagen Beetle Going Back To When It First Started


At this point, nobody really knows what Volkswagen has planned for their iconic Volkswagen Beetle but according to the latest report, the Beetle might be going back to its roots for the future.

According to the report from Autocar, Volkswagen is looking to offer the Volkswagen Beetle with a rear wheel drive system in the future. While that might sound odd to many, it is not since the Beetle was released as a rear wheel model in the beginning.

When the Volkswagen Beetle was released back in 2938, the vehicle was released with the rear wheel drive system. It is believed that Volkswagen also plans to turn the Beetle into an electric-powered vehicle.

If this is true, the upcoming Volkswagen Beetle electric vehicle will most likely be riding on the MEB platform which Volkswagen will be using to support up to 15 future electric powered models.

There is not a lot of details about the upcoming Beetle right now but it is nice to know that Volkswagen is doing all they can to make sure the Beetle sticks around for a little longer.


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