US top court to hear abortion rights info case


The US Supreme Court agreed on Monday to examine a California law that obliges private anti-abortion agencies to tell pregnant clients they can get a publicly-financed abortion and contraception.

The Christian and conservative groups behind this appeal contend that the law violates the US Constitution’s First Amendment on freedom of expression.

At the heart of the controversy are “crisis pregnancy centers.”

Under the pretext of helping and advising women who did not want to become pregnant, these centers try instead to convince them at all cost not to abort.

The centers are run by militants known as “pro-life,” which means they oppose abortion, and are often accused of misleading women by making them believe they will be able to benefit from various medical options including abortion.

A 2015 Democrat-backed law says these private organizations must clearly inform their clients if they are able to practise medicine and whether practitioners are on hand.

The law also requires the centers to post on their premises notices that California offers free or heavily susidized abortions and contraception.

Arguments will take place early next year before the highest United States court, which will render its decision before the end of June.

The US Supreme Court affirmed the right to abortion nationwide in 1973 but the landmark legislation has come under threat since President Donald Trump took office in January.

Opponents of abortion control both the White House and Congress.


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