The Video Of Trump Shaking Marco Rubio’s Hand Even Left Twitter Saying “Ow”


Following Irma’s blow to south Florida, Donald Trump was brought face to face with one of his biggest rivals from the 2016 presidential campaign. The resulting interaction was so painfully awkward that the brief, nearly missable moment had Twitter cringing hard. Enjoy these hilarious reactions to Donald Trump and Marco Rubio’s uncomfortable handshake.

Trump was in Florida to visit Naples and Fort Myers, two of the communities affected by Hurricane Irma earlier this week. From an airport hangar, one of his favorite places to hold events, Trump gave the speech with Rubio standing in the background (also something that many social media users picked up on). Trump mentioned Rubio in his speech and pulled him forward to shake his hand, but ended up making something more like a horizontal slashing moment. To his credit, Rubio managed not to look too shaken up on camera by keeping his eyes toward the ground.

So far, the Florida swing hasn’t been as PR-nightmarish as Trump’s first trip to Texas late last month to visit Hurricane Harvey. Though the White House claimed that Trump had witnessed the damage firsthand, reporters on the same trip stated that they would not characterize what they saw as firsthand damage. However, this handshake thing is just getting started and you know how much people like to make fun of Trump for his hands — this meme could end up defining his entire trip to Florida.


Watch Trump punk Marco Rubio with a savage handshake

Marco Rubio ponders the abyss

(Hat tip @carolinerkenny)

He traveled to Florida just to do that.

The handshake is humiliating, sure, but the senator is going to regret touching his own eye so quickly afterward

If I ever meet him I’m putting superglue on my palm before I shake hands. That’d learn him.

Someone should just refuse to shake and pull out the double finger-guns.

Regret level: Marco Rubio post-handshake with Trump

Trump just did his insincere intro of Marco Rubio and gave him the Trump pump handshake. Touted Rick Scott for Senate with Rubio behind him.

.@potus gives Little Marco the Handshake (TM)

Marco Rubio just got his arm pulled out of socket shaking the hand of the President.

“You’re never, ever going to be President. Do you understand, Little Marco?”
“Yes, Mr. Trump.”
“President Trump.”

Sometimes the silliest things become the most fixated upon in Internetland, but this was just too good to pass up. Trump’s handshakes are usually weird, but this took it to a hilarious new level.


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