The five women above, forcing the spouses to rush home


Пять женских уловок, заставляющих супругов спешить домой Men on the note.

A wise woman knows how to make her house was the real island of relaxation and pleasure.

Svetlana Karimova, psychologist, master of the Eastern practices, the founder of the international network of women’s development, shared the secrets of how to create an atmosphere where people want to come back.

When you come home, you have work and household Affairs. But if you want to live, not to exist, you need to look not only to clean the dishes and dinner’s on the table, but first and foremost, that you’re enjoying the process, doing everything quietly, listening to music, for example. And even better to dance, take a bath or shower to relax all the muscles, apply a delicious cream to do the massage.

The first thing your husband would see when he opened the door, it’s not you! It is the smell. The smell feels your husband when he comes home? It must be a smell from your mouth water – the smell of home, of childhood, vipechki. For example, vanilla, cinnamon, coffee, chocolate, oranges, tangerines.
And a simple recipe. Put on the stove coffee pot from coffee, and even if you don’t drink coffee, its smell will spread throughout the house and coffee is a very strong aphrodisiac. Add to it a cube of chocolate, and your house will be a sweet aroma of chocolate and bitter coffee. Or put buns in the oven heat and open the oven – that smell of fresh baking in your house?

Caution, not air freshener! This is not the best option for wise women. It should be as natural odors.

Second, what are you giving your man the feeling that he’s home is sound. When he goes home, he passes a dirty street, road, but when he opens the door to the apartment, he goes to heaven. And the first thing he encounters is the smell, the second thing that caresses him, is sound. And the sound of the transmission “the Court goes”, etc. – is not the most pleasant and relaxing that tired people can and want to listen to after work.

In the house of the wise women – the sounds do not speak about the problems they are immersed in an atmosphere of relaxation – the sea, water or inflammatory Latin American parties. The music transports to a place where usually people get the relaxation and good mood. Or softly, in the background, nice to caress the ear your favorite tunes. Recipe. If the house sound of the mantra, for example, the virgin of Pramana in this house your senses will be focused on relaxation and observation, not conflict, and clarify the relationship.

Third is the taste. Home should always be something that he’ll be able to eat, without complex training. Ideally, when a person comes to the table already eating something tasty, easy, that you can try and immediately feel the pleasant relaxation throughout the body. You better know the tastes of her husband, but for example, it may be a cut-up Apple, a bowl of honey, a peeled tangerine, a piece of chocolate, a date or a piece of cheese. The house is good.

The following is a touching, very strong bodily anchor. When it comes to the house, you have a very tender and sincere hug, as if God came – the most important person in the world is back! Pressed close to him and Pat him on the head, for example. And silently without words mauled his neck and hide – 15 minutes leave it alone and not forced to make any decisions.

Touch – physical contact between you – body to body. When he does his own thing, you unobtrusive touch. To dive in sleep, a person should ideally get 7 touches – ear, ass, arm, leg. For example, when you are together in the shower or in bed, do your husband a massage any part of the body.

In the shower you can shampoo to do the head massage in bed – gently take his hands and put the cream every day one part of the body.


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