Tennessee student yanked from class over high crew neck


A high school student in Tennessee says she keeps getting in trouble over shirts she’s wearing to class that, for all purposes, seem to be in line with the school’s strict dress code.

Tori Taylor, a senior at Dickson County High School, says she has followed the dress code that states ‘all students must wear a collared and/or crew neck top with sleeves.’

Yet, she’s still being pulled out of class. 

Her fairly high crew neck tops seem to fit into the school’s dress code, but when she showed up with a pink top and half length sleeves she was yanked from class for it being the ‘wrong’ type of crew neck.

Tori Taylor says her schools strict dress code policy has become almost impossible to follow 

One of the shirts in question. Taylor says this offending pink shirt got her kicked out of class

Taylor argued that this grey shirt was deemed fine, but she Tweeted she says 'this is worse than my other shirt but this is in "dress code"

Taylor took to Twitter to vent her frustrations, sharing the offending pink top with a caption: ‘please tell me what’s wrong with this????’ 

She then posted a grey button down top that was deemed ok by teachers and said: ‘this is worse than my other shirt but this is in “dress code.” 

Her fellow classmates have also taken Twitter as  well to vent their frustrations after purchasing clothing for the year that seemed to fit into the school’s rules, only to be told they weren’t acceptable once they got to class.

One student who wore a grey shirt with French writing on it that went all the way up to her neck says she got coded. Someone on Twitter joked ‘What was the violation? French?’ 

Another student shared she got kicked out of class for this rather modest ensemble 

Another student took to Twitter to share a modest floral cover over a modest crew neck white shirt that she was found in violation of dress code over.  

‘I spent a lot of money on my school clothes for my senior year,’ said Taylor to News Channel 5. ‘I can’t afford to buy a new set of school clothes just to question if it will be ok.’

Taylor added: ‘I just feel it needs to be explained better. They need to do a better job presenting it to us.’

The principal of Dickson emailed a statement to News Channel 5 regarding their dress code: 

‘Dickson County High School is proud to build good relationships with students, parents, and our community. We have a great school and we strive every day to keep it that way.’

‘The purpose of our dress code is to assure students will dress and groom in a clean, neat, and modest manner in order not to distract or interfere with the educational environment of the school,’ the statement added.

However, some students pointed out it’s distracting to be removed from class as the punishment for the already militant dress code and alleged violations. 





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