‘Superhero’ dad meets the woman he saved from suicide


A doorman who used to be in the army managed to convince a young girl not to jump from a bridge, and has saved the lives of four people in just two years.

Gareth Clark, 36, from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, saved Natasha when a policeman was trying to talk her down from the bridge.

The dad-of-two has also saved a man having a heart attack and pulled two drowning people from a river.

Gareth was reunited with two of the people he saved on Friday’s episode of This Morning, and they called for him to be given an award.

Gareth Clark, 36, from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, saved four lives in just two years

Gareth discovered a young woman called Natasha standing on the ledge of a flyover that he was driving over with his wife.

He got out of this car and offered to help the policeman who was already on the scene.

Gareth said: ‘There was a girl at the lowest point in her life and she was on the bridge. I went up to the police officer and said “Would you like a hand?”

‘He said “Yes if she goes, which I think she’s gonna, just try and catch something.” It was clear she was gonna go at anytime.’

Gareth's wife Natalie came on the show with their children Max and Maggie

After Gareth saved her life Natasha appeared on the ITV chat show where she thanked him for his heroic act.

Natasha said: ‘I would like to thank him, words can’t describe how much I want to thank him, because he saved my life didn’t he?’

Also on the show was Matthew, who Gareth had rescued when he was drowning in a river.

Matthew was still covered in bruises as his accident happened just six days before he appeared on the show.

He called for his rescuer to get an OBE for his bravery, saying: ‘He needs an award of some kind.’ 

Natasha was about to take her life by jumping from a bridge when Gareth found her

Gareth had previously saved another woman from drowning in the very same river back in 2014.

‘That wasn’t a hard one that was just a case of getting in there and getting her out, making sure her head didn’t go under,’ he said.

He also helped a man who was having a heart attack by calling an ambulance and performing first aid while they waited for the paramedics to come. 

Gareth’s children Max and Maggie were then brought into the studio, where they were given outfits that said ‘my daddy’s a hero’.

Gareth was an ex squaddie and now works as a part-time doorman in a pub

Max and Maggie were given baby-grows that said 'my daddy's a hero' (pictured)



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