Super Dancer Chapter 2: Irrfan Khan reveals the one thing that he can’t do!


Irrfan Khan, the Bollywood actor who is known for his maverick acting skills and after cementing a successful career in Hindi cinema also entered Hollywood, confesses about one thing that he can’t do as an actor.

The actor recently made an appearance on the kids dance reality show Super Dancer Chapter 2 and after having enjoyed a reverse dance act by Vivek Jogdande and Muskaan Sharma, he was spellbound. The only thing he could say, rather confess, is that he can’t dance to the tunes of the song and these kids can even do a reverse act.

Reverse dance is a form when a song is played in reverse (from its end to start) however dancers perform to the beats and post the performance, the song is played in the right way only to make people wonder how could they manage to perform each step rightly.

For Irrfan, the act was an eye-opener as to how talented kids are when it comes to dancing and each and every performance has inspired him, especially Vivek and Muskaan’s.

He not only congratulated them for the marvellous act but also mentioned that he can’t even dance to the tunes of songs and their reverse act is something which mesmerized him.


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