‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Star Cynthia Bailey on Kenya Moore’s Secret Wedding: ‘I Was Definitely a Little Pissed Off About That’


'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Star Cynthia Bailey on Kenya Moore's Secret Wedding: 'I Was Definitely a Little Pissed Off About That'


Cynthia Bailey is sharing her thoughts on one of the controversial topics on The Real Housewives of Atlanta this season. Co-star Kenya Moore had a secret wedding and kept the identity of her husband a secret for quite some time, leaving most people in shock and some of her co-stars disappointed.

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“I’m a really, you know, good friend of Kenya’s,” Bailey told Entertainment Tonight. “But I did not know that she was getting married. Now, I definitely didn’t know that, and I was definitely a little pissed off about that. Like, I would’ve loved to have been there. I feel like, I’ve been through a lot with Kenya and her relationships and this is the good stuff that’s happening right now. Like, she met this great man and they’re getting married. I’m like, hello! I’ve been through the bad ones with you. Can I please be a part of this amazing guy that you’re in love with?”
Though it took some time, Bailey has since met Moore’s husband Mar Daly and looks forward to the day she can be part of Moore’s big event. “He exists,” Bailey joked. “He’s awesome and they are great together. I am so rooting for them, 100 percent, and I really, honestly couldn’t be happier. I’ve been telling them, they have to have another wedding. One that I can not only go to, but that I can actually be a part of in some way. I have to be a bridesmaid or something.”
Moore’s decision to keep her husband away from the cameras has caused some tension among her co-stars as she missed the international trip this season on RHOA. “Everybody else on the show is obligated to open their family up to the world and open up our private lives. So, it’s not fair when somebody makes the decision to not bring their husband on the show,” Porsha Williams previously told ET.
Despite being hurt about Moore’s secrecy, Bailey comes to Moore’s defense and knows she’s excited about her new man.
“I can’t speak for Kenya on this entirely, but I will say, obviously, she’s pretty excited,” she said. “Clearly, she’s pretty excited about Mark.”
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