Putin given an Alabai (puppy) by Turkmenistan’s leader


The Russian President gets a loyal companion at a summit in Sochi – at least the third time he has been given a dog.

Vladimir Putin has received a puppy as a birthday present from the President of Turkmenistan.

The dog is a Central Asian shepherd breed called an Alabai.

Mr Putin, who recently turned 65 and is known for his love of dogs, beamed as he was handed the puppy by President Berdimuhamedow.

It is at least the third time the Russian President has been given a dog by another country.

Bulgaria and Japan bestowed canine gifts on Mr Putin in the past, with “Buffy” the Bulgarian shepherd and “Yume” the Akita.

The latest puppy is named “Verny”, Russian for “loyal”, and was handed to Mr Putin at a summit in the Russian city of Sochi.


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