Pregnant widow, doctor take on insurer and win


Renei Kruger says she and her three daughters can now pick up the pieces of their lives following her husband’s death.
Cape Town – An Atlantis widow is breathing a sigh of relief after winning a battle against insurance giant Old Mutual.

Renei Kruger’s husband Brent Kruger was shot dead after he was caught in the middle of a gunfight between rival Atlantis gangs in June.

The father of three had just dropped off his youngest daughter at a creche when he was gunned down.

Earlier this week, the Kruger family were dealt a blow when their insurance provider refused to pay out on Brent’s life insurance policy.

Old Mutual’s rejection was based on Kruger’s alleged failure to disclose he had diabetes.

However, he was never diagnosed with the condition, a fact which prompted the family’s doctor, Grant Munro, to take the fight to Old Mutual.

“They (Old Mutual ) said that he (Brent) didn’t give them information, but it had nothing to do with the fact that he was shot and murdered two years later,” Munro told Weekend Argus.

“I spoke to his (Brent’s) broker and said I am going to the media and he said
it was the validity of the
initial policy document
where Brent didn’t mention he had sugar. I didn’t think it had anything to do with that and that is why I wanted to take them on.”

Brent Kruger

Munro said during a routine visit in 2015, he had detected “raised sugar levels” and advised Brent to change his diet and do some exercise.

“I said he must change his lifestyle. I wanted to give him medication at that stage, but he just changed his lifestyle and lost weight,” said Munro.

“I saw him again a year later and he had no signs of anything.”

Munro, who lives in Bellville, has been making the journey to his practice in Atlantis for 29 years.

“Brent grew up in front me,” he said. “I know the whole family. They’ve been with me for many years.”

Kruger’s plight went viral on social media and an interview on CapeTalk got people talking.

In one thread on Facebook, many people threatened to cancel their policies with Old Mutual.

By Thursday, the company had done an about-turn.

“We appreciate the doctor’s co-operation and received new information. We are pleased to confirm that based on the updated information, Kruger’s Greenlight contract is valid and we are settling her claim in full,” Old Mutual said in a statement.

“We already spoke to Mrs Kruger yesterday (Thursday) afternoon to share our findings with her and to sincerely apologise for any distress that this process has caused her and her family during this difficult time.”

She said: “It is a huge relief. I will at least have money for my children. It was a big worry because I am not working. I was doing admin work for Brent’s built-in cupboards business.”

She was also full of praise for Munro’s efforts. “He knows our circumstances. He knows each of his patient’s personal situations.”

Grant Munro

The life insurance money will also help Kruger cope with another big change in her life: she is pregnant with her fourth child.

The couple had been trying for a son before Brent’s death and his wife discovered she was pregnant two weeks after his funeral.

Kruger says she and her three daughters can now
pick up the pieces of their
lives following her husband’s death.

“He (Brent) was my first boyfriend, he became my husband and the father of my kids. He was my whole life.”

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