Netizen Takes A Jibe At “Mubarakan”, It Was Too Harsh That Arjun Kapoor Himself Couldn’t Stop Replying


Arjun Kapoor and Anil Kapoor’s starrer ‘Mubarakan’ has hit the screens just a couple of weeks back, though the movie was not so great at the box office it is already believed that the charm of Anil Kapoor is the thing that attracted the crowd.

The lead cast Arjun Kapoor and Athiya Shetty are already much criticized for their merely no acting, the screen presence of the both was much grim and dull.

Well, the movie actually fared pretty averagely at the box office, thanks to the production department’s earlier family flick ‘Welcome’, it kept drawing the audience.

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This Raksha Bandhan, actor Arjun Kapoor took on to his Twitter handle, promoted his film, posted on his Twitter account urging people to go to theaters and watch the movie with families.

It seems that the tweet didn’t fare well with everyone. A twitter user made a jibe at the same, he boldly replied to the actor’s tweet saying that the movie was waste of time and it’s better to watch it in the home in mobile phones. The tweet read, “paisa barbaad krne se achha ghar pe hi dekh le mobile pe.”

Well, that was rude! This reply has such a heavy impact that the actor himself couldn’t resist himself from responding to the user. He in his tweet said, “Heartbreaking 2 read this, encouraging piracy so easily without realizing how many people’s hard-work & livelihood is nullified is just wrong.”

Check out the Twitter thread here:

Celebrate this special occasion of #RakshaBandhan with your family watching #Mubarakan in cinemas near you!

— Arjun Kapoor (@arjunk26) August 7, 2017

paisa barbaad krne se achha ghar pe hi dekh le mobile pe

— Sumit singh (@Twitmeasulike) August 7, 2017

Heartbreaking 2 read this, encouraging piracy so easily without realising how many people’s hardwork & livelihood is nullified is just wrong

— Arjun Kapoor (@arjunk26) August 7, 2017

It seems like Arjun Kapoor has replied to the second half of the tweet, he barely answered on the “privacy part”, and not the “movie part”, well played Arjun! that was logical enough.

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