Moment truck stuck level crossing is smashed into by train


This is the dramatic moment a truck carrying soft peppermints was cut in half after a train ploughed through it on a level crossing.

The amateur video shows the tractor-trailer stalled on the tracks in Locust Grove, Georgia on Thursday as the double stacked freight train approaches. 

An onlooker performs a panorama of the scene and can be heard saying: ‘It’s not going to be able to stop.’

Approach: The train cannot slow down as it nears the stuck truck  

Impact: The train crashes into the truck's container, causing debris to fly in all directions 

Moments later the train smashes through the truck’s container, tipping the front of the vehicle on its side on. Boxes of candy then spew out in all directions. 

According to WSBTV, Locust Grove police said no one was injured in the incident, which occurred at the intersection of Highway 42 and Bowden Street.

‘There’s no way they (trucks) can fit over it, but they try it all the time,’ said Officer B. Fornal at the scene of the crash. ‘We’ll cite them, and we’ve got to get the wrecker service out here.’

The driver in Thursday’s crash, who works for Yopo Transport out of Willowbrook, Ill., was cited for failure to obey traffic signal. DOT will conduct its own investigation to determine if the truck was operating correctly at the time of the crash.

Fornal said there was only about a three-minute window from the time the truck became stuck to the moment of impact. 

The train split the tractor-trailer in two but the train itself sustained minimal damage.   

Aftermath: The front of the truck falls to the ground as it is cut in two 

Kelli Nichols captured incredible video of the moment the tractor-trailer was hit by the oncoming double stacked train.

‘It did shake me to the core, but I was thankful that I could tell that there weren’t any people in the truck,’ Nichols said.

Crews had the area cleaned up pretty quickly and after a couple of hours, that train was able to leave.



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