Make Up with new Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune Blush and Lipstick


Sweet henshin-themed cosmetics for you and your cousin.


The ever-growing line of Creer Béaute Sailor Moon products has added another set to their beautiful list. This time, Sailors Uranus and Neptune are memorialized in cosmetic style in two new products: a “mirror” that doubles as a lipstick and blush set, and a pair of makeup brushes styles after the pair’s henshin items.



Neptune’s Deep Aqua Mirror features in the new set as, well, a mirror first and foremost. The replica of Michiru’s weapon folds up for easy storage in a bag. In the handle is a stick of pink makeup, usable as either a lipstick or a rouge stick. The pink is bold enough to make a statement, yet subtle enough to be fashionable on younger women.


The Deep Aqua Mirror Rouge is 3,996 yen with tax included.



The pair’s Lip Rods are also available, reimagined as blush brushes. They’re designed to fit thematically with the other henshin item cosmetics released so far, so collectors can enjoy a matched set. A cover snaps over the brush part to keep it clean and to complete the effect.


The Lip Rod Cheek Brushes are 3,456 yen each with tax included.


All three items are currently available for preorder, and are expected to ship in March 2018.


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