Los Angeles district attorney creates task force for Hollywood sex abuse cases


Jackie Lacey LA District Attorney

County District Attorney Jackie Lacey said Friday no cases from have been referred to the task force from local law enforcement agencies, but she said her office is prepared to handle any that might arise.

She said the group will “work together to ensure a uniformed approach to the legal review and possible prosecution of any case that meets both the legal and factual standards for criminal prosecution”.

In recent weeks, allegations of sexual abuse have been made against producer Harvey Weinstein, actor Kevin Spacey, “Gossip Girl” actor Ed Westwick and others.

The formation of the special team comes after weeks of allegations, ranging from sexual harassment to rape, have swept across Hollywood following the bombshell reports exposing Harvey Weinstein.

Now that the magnitude of Hollywood’s sexual abuse problem has come to light, the Los Angeles Police Department announced Thursday it will be creating a special task force dedicated exclusively to investigating claims of harassment and abuse.

On Thursday, the LAPD confirmed that it had dropped an investigation into allegations of widespread pedophilia in Hollywood made by actor Corey Feldman only a day after it was reported to be looking into the case.

Detectives are probing allegations against Toback, who has been accused by more than 200 women of sexual misconduct.

The group of “veteran sex crimes prosecutors” has been established to analyse cases handed to them by the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills police departments to see if charges should be brought.

Although they have not received cases for potential criminal filing, Lacey said she is working with the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles police departments.

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