John Cena Reviews New Ford GT, Fists Taillights and Buttresses


This review for the all-new Ford GT is equal parts awkward and awesome. The American supercar might have a larger-than-life persona, but its cabin is not exactly roomy for a big guy like John Cena.
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He’s always been a fan of the American-made stuff and even owns the previous generation GT. That one is a tight squeeze too. However, it’s not as technologically advanced as this one.

As Cena puts it, the GT is a racing car that you can put license plates on, and the aerodynamics package reflects this fact. Everywhere you look, there’s an element that’s been designed to channel air in some way. However, the biggest are the famous flying buttresses.

These can be seen on some other supercars, especially Ferraris. However, Ford’s design is so aggressive that even Cena’s big forearms fit through them. Seeing that they are open, the sportsman also decided to fist the taillights. We’ve seen people do it to the exhaust, but never a taillight!

John is a huge car guy and has filmed several YouTube reviews. However, this one isn’t shot at his usual location, but at the Elder Ford dealership in Tampa Bay, Florida. It’s not clear if he’s going to buy another GT. But looking at how badly he fits, it’s looking improbable.

As we all know, the decision to fit a twin-turbo V6 was a very controversial one. Cena jokes about it being an F-150 mill, but even he admits that it sounds like a supercar and that the aerodynamic packaging is better this way.

There’s no denying that a V10 or V12 is still better from an aural perspective. But the GT is Ford “putting its fist down and saying we can do this just like everyone else.” It’s fast, it’s made from carbon fiber, and John Cena likes it. What more could you want?


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