Is Little Debbie retiring your favorite treat?


It’s a choice no one wants to make, especially not one of the nation’s largest snack cake manufacturers.

The snack company posed the question on Twitter, tweeting a picture of the four snacks and saying “Which one?”

McKeen Foods’ spokesman Mike Gloekler tells Channel 3 “Given that Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies, Nutty Buddy, Honey Buns and Vanilla Christmas Tree Cakes are four of our most popular varieties, we thought it would start an entertaining conversation”.

The company, founded in the 1960s and owned by McKee Food Corporation, naturally is basking in the free publicity.

Ever since the post went up on their Twitter page on Wednesday, the notice has become a source of anger, sadness and much debate between family and friends.

Which one can you live without? The whole Little Debbie Twitter Snackgate may have been a publicity stunt gone large.


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