If Ken Block’s Gymkhana Were an Indian Film, It Would Look like This


You know how kids watch superhero movies and then they want to be just like the characters in the film? Well, it seems like even though they can buy a Nissan 370Z, some people never really grow up.
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We’re part of a generation that was raised on Need for Speed Underground and Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos, so we find drifting quite an attractive activity. Most of us are content just watching a car go sideways, but for some, the memory of playing Superman is still vivid, so they go about the same away with drifting.

There are tutorials on the web for anything these days, and getting a car to skid makes no exception, but like with so many other things, you can read all you want and it still won’t make you an expert. It’s only practice that tells you where you are in your training and helps you get better, but the thing is sometimes it can be quite expensive.

This guy did the most difficult part: he went out and bought himself a drifty car – the Nissan 370Z. Any small Japanese sports car with rear-wheel-drive would have done, but the 370Z is a top choice. It’s also a NISMO version, meaning the 3.7-liter V6 engine does 11 hp more, but more importantly, the car looks a lot sportier.

However, there’s a reverse side to all that. Had he been in an old Mazda Miata, he would have just looked like somebody trying to learn who made a mistake. In a Nissan 370Z NISMO, though, he’s the guy who doesn’t know a thing about photography but goes out and buys the most expensive kit from Canon or Nikon.

He was trying to do donuts in a deserted car park on a wet surface in a powerful car, so all the conditions were there for his attempt to be a successful one. But it wasn’t to be and all because of one pesky traffic cone (which he most likely had placed there himself to serve as Ken Block’s gorilla-man).

The outcome is a short clip on YouTube for everyone to see and a slightly bruised front bumper, though we’re pretty sure the thing that came out of all this the most beaten was his pride.


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