Honor Flight Brings Veterans to DC to Visit Their War Memorials


Christmas mail arrives for U.S. Soldiers in Bruvans France during World War I circa 1917

It went into effect in 1978.

The slogans that had been born in World War I doubtless inspired high hopes that the armistice of 1918 would, indeed, make the world safe for democracy and mark the just-ended struggle as the war to end wars.

Each year, we honor our veterans on November 11, a day that marks the end of World War I when the armistice went into effect on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

Congress made November 11 – or Armistice Day – a legal holiday 27 years later, setting the day aside to honor WWI veterans.

World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam, then Desert Shield (an American led effort to liberate Kuwait in early 1990 from Iraqi occupation and deter an Iraqi invasion of Saudi Arabia); Desert Storm in 1991 (American led effort to expel Iraqi troops from Kuwait); Desert Fox in 1998 (four days of air strikes against Saddam Hussein); the Second Gulf War or Operation Iraqi Freedom or America’s War on Terrorism that overthrew Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in 2003 but unleashed a Sunni invasion and nearly succeeded in annihilating al Qaeda. A war that had required the greatest mobilization of soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen in the Nation’s history.

The honor roll will be made of black granite, with a similar design to the Vietnam War Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. It will be placed in a traffic circle at the intersection of 4th and Liberty Streets in California, where memorials honoring World War 1 and World War II veterans already stand.

For many years, Veterans Day was part of the Uniform Holiday Bill. Veteran’s Day is a holiday we should all take seriously, but it is not a time to be sad. It was thought that these extended weekends would encourage travel, recreational and cultural activities and stimulate greater industrial and commercial production.

In the latest numbers, about 18 million veterans live in the USA, with some 1.6 million living in North Carolina.

7 million veterans served during the Vietnam War.

The day offers parents and teachers an opportunity to teach children about American history. We ask your reflection on Veterans Day today and its meaning.

Some people participate in a moment of silence in remembrance of those who gave their lives for their country. For without our veterans, there would be no America. Giving thanks was, and still is, the primary reason for ceremonies or celebrations.

A visit to the Fallon County Veterans Memorial in the city park is another way to acknowledge Veterans Day.

It was followed by Word War II and the Korean War, with many more to follow.

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