Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo launched for GT Sport game


Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo

A team in the automaker’s Los Angeles studio entered the winning design, although U.S. and Japanese designers also contributed to the project.

But that doesn’t change the fact that it looks stunning and would make a fantastic baby NSX if Honda were to put it into production. This is because the Sports Vision GT is powered by a 404bhp 2.0-litre turbocharged inline-four that is part of Honda’s legendary VTEC engine family. Honda even built a full-scale model of the concept used for testing in a wind tunnel just like a real auto.

We’re yet to see a Gran Turismo Vision auto transition into a real production prospect, but wouldn’t it be awesome if the Honda Sports was the first?

Unlike many other Vision GT cars, the Honda Sports is something that looks as though it could be built if Honda were so inclined. Honda’s “Human Centred Design” direction is apparent in the placement of the driver, engine, and tires, while the design and proportion of the exterior make the auto appear to be in motion even at a standstill, giving the concept vehicle a commanding presence. Honda’s design team sculpted a full-size model to ensure its aerodynamic properties were up to par. Honda claims its carbon-fiber intensive construction has enabled a low kerb weight of 899 kg (1,981 lbs), while an aerodynamically optimized body helps keep things planted through the corners. A quarter model was built in the United States, while the modeling data and hardware decisions were made in Japan. However, the rear features a futuristic full-width light strip and massive vents betraying its mid-engined configuration. The new concept will become available for fans to drive in the new Gran Turismo Sport installment, and we can certainly be sure the automaker did the homework in preparation.

Power is fed through an eight-speed dual clutch transmission, while weight has been pegged to a very light 899kg.

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