Guam Issues Fact Sheet As Missile Threat Looms: Warns Of Flash, Fallout, And Hair Conditioner


Fact sheet on survival tips handed out to Guam residence as North Korea threat looms

An emergency fact sheet has been handed to the residents of Guam with the looming threat of North Korean missiles aimed their way. It starts off by telling people to lay flat on the ground and not look at the flash of light if a missile strike does happen to occur.

The fear is rising on the small island nation, which is home mostly to American citizens. While this fact sheet offers extremely important survival tips in case a missile attack does happen, just the thought of being informed of these survival tips is frightening for many today as it makes the threat seem even more credible.

Guam is an island with 160,000 residents, most of whom are U.S. citizens, and if Kim Jong Un makes good on his threat about sending four missiles their way, these folks will have only a 14-minute warning. This is the amount of time a missile deployed from North Korea would take to make it to the area of the Pacific that’s home to Guam.

North Korea has made threats of a plan to “simultaneously launch four ballistic missiles toward Guam, which is a small U.S. territory island in the Pacific. Guam houses a major U.S. military base, which may be one of the reasons the area around Guam is their target.

As Fox News suggests this morning, the North Koreans may have missiles that will only go so far with accuracy, and with Guam being closer than cities in North America, this could also be why they’ve opted for this area.

The proposal to send these missiles is due to hit Kim Jong Un’s desk within a week, and he will either approve the proposal to send the missiles dropping around Guam or reject the plan. The target is not the island, but the missiles are expected to drop within 18 to 25 miles of the country. With the lack of accuracy that the North Koreans have shown in the past with these missiles, this close proximity is of urgent concern.

So where do you go? This is a question asked on Fox & Friends Friday morning. You are on an island surrounded by water, so it’s not as if you can travel across a country and out of the way of impending doom. The Guam Homeland Security released a safety fact sheet to the island’s residents, and the fact sheet offers directions for “preparing for an imminent missile threat,” reports the Washington Examiner.

As several of the online comments suggest, some of these instructions conjure up visions that are absolutely terrifying. One of the warnings states, “Do not look at the flash or fireball — it could blind you.” It also instructs those folks who might find themselves outside if and when a missile should happen to strike to “Take cover behind anything that might offer protection.”

The government intends to use all types of public communication available to pass along a warning if a missile is detected, and they will continue to do so during and after the missile strike. It is imperative for people to stay indoors for 24 hours after a missile strike, and they urge all residents to put together an emergency supply kit just in case.

The government fact sheet conveys that it is time to come up with an emergency plan for the family and to create a list of all nearby concrete shelters for the places they visit in case an attack occurs. The fact sheet also educates the residents on the threat of the nuclear fallout. Even if you are miles away from the strike zone, you need to stay inside as the nuclear fallout can be carried by the wind.

If you are outside during a nuclear attack, you should do everything possible to avoid the material which is radioactive, the fact sheet instructs. It also directs you to remove your outer layer of clothing, which could get rid of up to 90 percent of the radioactive material. The clothing should go into a plastic bag, sealed, and placed as far away as possible from people and pets. This will safeguard against the radiation it gives off affecting people and animals.

One direction that at first appears a bit odd directs folks not to use hair conditioner. Once that is explained, it is clear as to why this could be dangerous. The safety fact sheet directs you not to use hair conditioner as it binds the radioactive material to your hair. Going about your daily activities today on the island of Guam might be more taxing than usual with the looming threat of a nuclear missile appearing even more realistic after looking at the government’s directions on this fact sheet. You can see the entire fact sheet here.

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