European Union planning for collapse of Brexit talks, says Michel Barnier


European Union planning for collapse of Brexit talks, says Michel Barnier

He added that now is the time for both sides to work together and to start seeking solutions, noting that this is serious business, and that if we are to find a way forward, it would require both pragmatism and flexibility on both sides of the negotiations.

David Davis dismissed suggestions that the United Kingdom would have to provide a final figure on the Brexit divorce bill in order for negotiations to move on to trade.

Michel Barnier made the comments during a press conference on November 10, which followed the conclusion of the latest round of Brexit negotiations.

Amid reports that Theresa May is considering upping the country’s offer with regard to the UK’s “divorce bill” from the EU, Director of the Dublin-based Solonian Democracy Institute Dr. Roslyn Fuller told Radio Sputnik that London will have a hard time explaining to voters why they must continue paying billions to Brussels.

“It is just a matter of settling accounts as in any separation”, Barnier said. “But the European Union executive is already exploring the consequences of the worst scenario: a sudden Brexit”, El Pais said.

Davis said that, as regards the financial settlement, “substantial technical progress” has been made “across all the issues that will need to be addressed”.

“Saying there had been frank discussions” with Barnier and his negotiators on the issue of the Irish border, Davis insisted there could be “no new border” inside the UK. The UK is an incredibly important market to them. “But let me be clear – this can not amount to creating a new border inside our United Kingdom”, he added. However, Mr Barnier said the European Union still needed greater clarity from the the British over what exactly Mrs May meant when she said Britain would honour its financial obligations. We too are preparing for it technically.

“The Prime Minister will be here right through Brexit, to my retirement as it were until the end of Brexit and she’ll my boss for that – I’m quite certain of it”, he said.

The letter to May from the foreign and environment secretaries urged the prime minister to ensure members of her top team fall behind their Brexit plans by “clarifying their minds” and called for them to “internalise the logic”.

The draft legislation has already passed its second reading, and now faces several attempts to amend it at the next part of its parliamentary journey – the committee stage.


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