Essex man loses 12st after becoming too big for shoes  


A man who was so overweight he was unable to wear shoes has lost more than 12st, ditching his slippers and even finding himself a job.

At his heaviest Robin Dixon, 38, from Essex, weighed more than 35st and as a result suffered from lymphedema and leg ulcers – meaning his legs and feet swelled up so much he was unable to find shoes to fit, despite being an average size ten.

Confined to a pair of slippers, Robin, was unable to get a job and gorged on a diet of Lucozade, crisps, popcorn and McDonalds.

Robin Dixon ballooned to 35st after feasting on a diet of fast food causing him to develop suffered from lymphedema and leg ulcers 

He piled on the weight between 2000 and 2007 when he worked in an office and happened to sit opposite a vending machine.

He said: ‘I’d never been stick thin but that was when the real trouble started.

‘I’d get bored and the vending machine was right in front of me so I’d just grab a chocolate bar and a packet of crisps here and there to pass the time.

‘It was all about convenience food and the damage was done before I realised what I was doing.’

Robin has now lost over 12st in 18 months

Thanks to his weight loss he has been able to ditch his slippers and find a pair of shoes

Robin hit rock bottom on Boxing Day 2015 when he fell out of bed and broke his toe and he had to wait for a special bariatric ambulance and special stretcher to transport him to hospital

Robin hit rock bottom on Boxing Day 2015 when he fell out of bed and broke his toe.

Unable to fit into a standard ambulance, he was forced to wait two hours for a special bariatric ambulance and special stretcher to transport him.

He said: ‘It was completely humiliating and at that stage the doctor actually told me I wouldn’t live past 40 if I carried on.

‘It was like I had to hit rock bottom before I could spring back and I was forced to take a long hard look at myself.’

Doctors told Robin that he would not live past 40 if he continued with his eating habits

But after ditching his high calorie diet Robin is now living a far healthy lifestyle and has even secured himself a job with the NHS

Following a trial with Bodychef – during which he ate fresh, calorie-counted food hampers – he managed to shed a whopping 12 and a half stone in just 18 months and Robin was finally able to fit into shoes again and line up some job interviews.

He recently bagged himself a job as a discharge facilitator working for the NHS and started his new role just a few weeks ago.

Robin, who still lives with his parents, said: ‘My health is still an ongoing issue but at least I’m on the right track now.

‘I just couldn’t see a way out before. I would try and get out but the only thing that would fit my feet were slippers and people would stare.

‘I couldn’t exactly go to job interviews in a pair of slippers so I felt stuck.

‘Now I have a new pair of trainers and some work shoes.

‘I’m really enjoying my job and when finances allow I hope to get my own place and gain even more independence.’


Sandwiches and crisps

McDonalds or fast food

Breaded chicken, Lucozade and 30 cigarettes a day


Tuna salad

Chicken and vegetables






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