Darkness Returns to San Juan, Power Line Fails


Darkness Returns to San Juan, Power Line Fails

Dish Network Corp reported third-quarter profit that missed analysts’ estimates on Thursday, as the U.S. satellite TV service provider deactivated subscribers in Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands following Hurricane Maria. The capital San Juan and other major cities were plunged back into darkness. The line failure means about 25 percent of the island has power Friday, according to the HuffPost.

Indeed, as of Friday Morning, about 43 percent of capacity has returned.

Incidentally, the 230-kilovolt transmission line was previously repaired by the controversial Montana energy firm Whitefish Energy, whose no-bid $300 million contract to fix the USA territory’s power grid is under FBI investigation.

Maria devastated Puerto Rico when it slammed the island in September. “It’s being patrolled and repaired by PREPA”.

He said he didn’t know what caused the transmission line to fail.

As one Puerto Rican business owner affected by the outage told the Times, many residents feel at-or past-the breaking point. “At this point, 50 days into this, everyone has a broken generator”.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency will provide passenger flights to relocate about 3,000 Puerto Ricans still sleeping in emergency shelters to temporary housing on the USA mainland.


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