Could Dark Magic Break Ivy’s Curse on ‘Once Upon a Time’?


Could Dark Magic Break Ivy's Curse on 'Once Upon a Time'?

In “Wake-Up Call,” it’s revealed that Ivy, not Victoria, is the one who cast the spell on the kingdom and made everyone forget who they are and live in Hyperion Heights. She learns about this dark curse from Regina, and warns her that she is going to make her curse hero-proof. I have to wonder though, if a hero can’t break her curse, could dark magic or the Dark One break it?

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The Same but Different Curse

When Regina tells Drizella about the dark curse she put on her kingdom that sent everyone to Storybrooke, she warned her that it wasn’t worth it in the end. Apparently Drizella’s hatred of her mother and her need to get out from under her is much stronger though. That, and she’s as evil as Regina was when she cast her spell. When Regina learns that Drizella is going to use her magic to cast another dark curse, she immediately thinks she’ll be able to break it because heroes always win. Drizella immediately says she’ll just make her curse better than Regina’s original.

The curse seems to be similar to Regina’s, in that everyone in the town forgets their past and who they really are. But the reality is, Drizella’s curse is a curse to punish her mother, not the rest of the kingdom. However, we still haven’t seen Drizella cast the actual curse yet, so I know there’s more to this. This is evident by her reminding Regina of what happened before she cast the curse, and Regina is filled with dread when she does remember.

What Won’t Break the Curse

So, we know a hero can’t just break the curse, since Drizella has made that pretty clear. Victoria’s magic won’t break the curse, because she probably would have done that already.

Regina doesn’t have her magic back to even attempt to break the curse.

I don’t think just believing the truth will break the curse. Plus, I think Drizella has probably made it impossible for Henry and Jacinda to remember their true selves. Tombstones of Henry’s “family” are at the local cemetery. And he believes Emma’s story of growing up in the system is actually his past.

What Will Break the Curse?

What will exactly break the curse? True love’s kiss is one way, as Ivy has made it clear she does not want Jacinda and Henry to fall in love, whether they remember or not.

I’m assuming if Henry does suddenly remember who he is, he will do whatever it takes to get Jacinda to remember too, so he can have his family back and his story complete.

But I’m curious if dark magic will break the curse too. Weaver seemed awake when he woke up in the hospital, but I imagine he’s keeping a low profile. In fairytale land, Rumple warns Regina about getting involved with Drizella and Lady Tremaine, so perhaps he knows something about them and any magic or curse they can cast. Perhaps he knows a way to break Drizella’s curse, or at least protect his grandson.

When Rumple comes to fairytale land, he has every intention of ridding himself of the Dark One. I wonder if he was able to do that before the curse is placed on the kingdom. And if he didn’t, does that mean that Weaver has that power in Hyperion Heights? Maybe the best way to fight evil in season 7 is with evil itself?

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A Tough One to Crack

However the curse is broken, I think it will be difficult. There are a lot of things at play this season of Once Upon a Time. And I think it’s going to take some time to let them all play out. As I mentioned, what happened before Drizella placed the actual curse? What has Regina so scared that she will play nice with Ivy, at least for now? And could Drizella really make a curse that can be broken with just a kiss? Isn’t that a little cliche?

And who the heck is the mystery lady in the tower? She’s clearly working with Ivy, but she works for Victoria too. So, who is she and just how powerful is she?

How do you think the curse can be broken? Do you think dark magic is a way to defeat Ivy? What do you think she threatened Regina with that has her so scared? Do you think Weaver will be able to come in and break the curse? Is true love’s kiss the only way to break the curse?

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