Cockatoo in Vermont barks like a dog at passing cars


This parrot has assumed the role of home guard after learning how to bark like a dog.

The greater sulpher crested cockatoo, named Triton, can be seen perched by the window yapping at cars as they pass on the road, much like a family pooch. 

The bird even has head movements like a dog as he barks out to the road as if to warn off any intruders. 

The video was shot by Triton’s owner at their home in St. Albans, Vermont.

They said: ‘My greater sulpher crested cockatoo Triton likes to bark like a dog and I captured this on video.

‘He was barking at the cars driving by from the front window of our apartment.’ 

The greater sulpher crested cockatoo, named Triton

The bird yelps at cars



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