Can Michigan Football still make this season a success?


Michigan Football
Michigan Wolverines running back Chris Evans . Photo By: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

With two more tough games left, Michigan fans might already be debating whether or not this season could be considered a success. Some believe that anything but a playoff appearance is a failure. Many other fans just simply want to beat all of their rivals. The Playoff selection is most certainly out of the picture, but the Wolverines do have a chance to prove themselves against two top ten teams to close the season.

If Michigan beats Wisconsin and loses to Ohio State, I truly believe the season will be considered a failure. This scenario wouldn’t only make Jim Harbaugh 0-3 against Ohio State, but it would also likely ruin the Big Ten’s chances of getting a team in the playoff.

If the Wolverines beat Ohio State and lose to Wisconsin, then I would consider the 2017 season a success. They would prove they could beat a good team and give Harbaugh his first win over the Buckeyes. It would also put Michigan in a better position come bowl season.

If they lose both games the season would be considered an extreme failure. Michigan would then finish 8-4 without recording one real impressive win the entire season. It would be Harbaugh’s worst finish as Michigan’s head coach.

If the Wolverines win both games the season would be examined as a great success. They would convince themselves and the nation that they can beat some pretty good teams. They will show they’re not the same team that lost to Penn State and Michigan State earlier in the season. A 10-2 record would put them in a great spot for a better bowl game.

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