Bizarre method of exfoliating your eyebrows sweeps web


From toners and serums to contouring and strobing, there’s a plethora of steps to add to the modern day beauty regime.

But experts are advising women to add another step to their already exhaustive daily regime.

Brow experts and facialists have been preaching the benefits of exfoliating your eyebrows – and say it’s essential for removing dead skin, helping brow growth and beating ingrown hairs.

And it seems that it’s becoming such an important step in our beauty regimes that brands are beginning to roll out an array of brow exfoliants. 

Brow experts, including Benefit's Lisa Potter-Dixon, pictured, have been preaching the benefits of exfoliating your eyebrows

They say it's essential to add to your weekly skincare regime for removing dead skin, helping brow growth and beating ingrown hairs

As MUA and facialist Nathalie Eleni, explains: ‘Just like pores on your skin can get congested from wearing makeup, so can you brow follicles, especially if you have course hair that is prone to ingrowing that can occur after brow waxing.

‘Gentle brow exfoliating may seem like another extreme beauty ritual but if you wear a lot of brow make up and find it can get stuck and go clumpy under the hairs, then gentle exfoliating around the brows can really help.’

Dr Yannis Alexandrides, founder and medical director of 111 Harley Street, agrees and also believes that exfoliating the area will promote hair growth by stimulating the area, giving circulation to the hair follicle.

Lisa Potter Dixon, expert at Benefit Cosmetics, created a video explaining how to exfoliate brows. 

Use exfoliator you use on your face

Put a little bit on your little finger

Massage under the brow, over the brow and into the centre for 20 minutes

Wash it off

Avoid actual hair

Condition with a slick of Benefit BROWVO! conditioning eyebrow primer 

Experts are clearly adamant that we should be incorporating this step into our skincare regimes; with bbrowbar recently launching a Brow Exfoliator infused with a blend of Vitamin E and Natural nut oils. Makers say it will ensure your brows stay free from pesky ingrown hairs, making the threading process easier. 

But Suman Jalaf, founder of Suman Brows, says that while in theory we should exfoliate our brows, it should only be done sporadically.

She explained: ‘As you have hair in that area, over exfoliation could cause shedding so a gentle approach is best. I’d suggest making a home made natural concoction with coconut oil and sugar and just gently buff as opposed to harsh scrubbing.’

She also recommends using coconut oil to nourish the hair and stimulate growth of healthy looking brows.

‘I’d suggest exfoliating maybe every two weeks or so in-between your threading or brow treatments. That way you’re looking after the area but not adding another step to your weekly routine, which in today’s busy world we don’t really need!’




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