2018 Subaru BRZ STi Will Only Look The Part


Subaru has already started teasing us about the Subaru BRZ STi model and while we have seen bits and pieces of the Subaru BRZ STi, nobody really knows what upgrade Subaru will give the BRZ STI to separate it from the standard BRZ model.

Fans are hoping that the Subaru BRZ STi will come with a turbo upgrade although most people believe that that will not be happening. Most reports seems to suggest that the engine will remain the same for the BRZ STi model. There are other who thinks that Subaru will even skip the suspension and brake upgrades.

What we know we would see is an exterior upgrade as those can be seen in the teaser. If the Subaru BRZ STi ends up being just another Subaru BRZ with a sportier exterior, would you be interested in getting one?

We will know the answers when Subaru unveils the Subaru BRZ STi on the 8th of June this year.


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