2018 Mercedes C-Class Facelift Spied Without Camouflage


The W205 C-Class is nearing the end of its refinement process, as Mercedes has taken nearly all the camouflage off. If we were to make a bet, this range could debut at the LA Auto Show, though Detroit is also around the corner.
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Two different prototypes were recently snapped. The elegant white sedan with the extended wheelbase still has its bumpers hidden from view. However, the silver model is out in the open with film only covering small portions of its headlights.

Of course, the upgrades aren’t radical, but they probably cost a lot of money to develop. The C-Class range is absolutely huge, including everything from downsized economy versions to 510 horsepower wagons. And all off the will get a much better interior layout.

The C-Class is already worthy of being considered the most upmarket car in that department. While the 3 Series is more ergonomic and the Audi A4 has lots of soft surfaces, the C-Class has glossy materials that make it feel like a Bauhaus masterpiece.

At the front, the silver C-Class prototype shows small grille updates and headlights that appear slightly narrower. Previous spyshots have revealed similar changes all the way to the C43 and C63. Of course, the flagship has the Panamericana grille, while here we have the limo-like Elegance configuration.

A few powertrain changes could happen. However, the company might also wait until the next generation before investing heavily in new technologies. The company has developed a new inline-6 block which could replace everything from the C 350 d to the C43. However, it’s far more likely that they will be pressed to update the C 200 and 220 d, since they sell so well in Europe.

The C63 isn’t going to get AWD this generation. So the six-cylinder will be the most powerful car with all-weather skills. However, a new gearbox could find its way into the range, as should a C63 R that picks up where the Black Series left off.


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