10 Lakh Condoms Ordered Online By Indians In Just 69 Days


10 Lakh Condoms Ordered Online By Indians In Just 69 Days

Anonymity, till now, has worked quite negatively for people. It can be blamed for significant increase in cyber bullying and harassment of people on social media platforms. However, for some Indians it turned out to be an advantage. Where people feel ashamed or shy to ask for a condom in a medical store, an online store launched by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation turned out to be a blessing for most people which, they took full benefit of.

In a country where topics like sex, menstruation, masturbation are discussed in hushed tones, buying condoms is also one big task. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation launched an online store offering free condoms on April 28th. As per the data of this store, 9.56 lakh condoms were delivered for free, and guess what; maximum number of condoms was ordered from India! In just 69 days, Indians ordered as many as 10 lakh condoms, with the highest sale in Delhi and Karnataka.

5.14 lakh condoms were ordered by NGOs and the rest were ordered by individuals. This foundation worked in association with the Hindustan Latex Limited, known for making a special kind of condoms. Director of the India programme of this foundation, Dr V Sam Prasad revealed that it was quite surprising how soon they ran out of stock.

Experts feel that this can be attributed to the fact that Indians experience shyness and embarrassment while asking for a condom in a pharmacy. The same stigma is also agreed upon by the contraceptive pill industry.

Central and state governments are also promoting the use of condoms. National Family Health Survey reveals that only 5.6% of the people in the survey used condoms for the purpose of birth control. But a 0.4% increase has been sighted as compared to the previous years. The National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) has also cited increased use of condoms in sex workers but they still feel that a lot is yet to be accomplished. Every year, as many as 200 to 220 crore condoms are sold. 


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